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Lead Generation

Opportunity Qualification


Negotiation & Closing

Account Management

Contact List Building

So you've committed to outbound prospecting. You're ready to connect with new potential buyers and sell more stuff...but how do you actually begin?  


In this module, we will walk participants through SAGE's playbook for identifying new prospects and obtaining their contact information at scale. Participants will learn the list-building tools, processes, and best practices they need to be able to start engaging thousands of new prospects by next week. 


Live or Virtual training format

3 lessons


3 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • build large lists of prospective sales contacts in less time 

  • find and manage freelancers to cost-effectively acquire contact email addresses for you 

  • maintain email bounce rates below 15%



Finding New Prospects

  • Optimizing Linkedin search filters  

  • Targeted searching using Linkedin X-Ray  

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Stephen Gonzalez


Extracting Prospect Data

  • Automating data extraction with Linkedin Helper 

  • 'The Golden 6' fields  

  • Formatting your CSV file  

  • Exercise: Identify 100 new prospects  

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Stephen Gonzalez


Acquiring Email Addresses

  • Organic vs. paid approaches  

  • Using freelancers: Writing a job description   

  • Using freelancers: Creating a job post  

  • Using freelancers: Hiring & managing your freelancer 

  • Exercise: Acquire email addresses for 100 new prospects 

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Stephen Gonzalez

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