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Lead Generation

Opportunity Qualification


Negotiation & Closing

Account Management

Qualification Techniques

A Sales Rep's success is determined by the rate at which they can generate sales from the calls and meetings that they book. In this course, we'll introduce one of the fundamental concepts in sales - qualification.

Participants will learn how leads differ from opportunities, the evolution of different frameworks for qualifying a sales lead into an opportunity, and how to use the STAND qualification framework as a guide for asking questions and qualifying your prospects throughout the buyer’s journey, not just in the first meeting.


Live training format

2 lessons

2 Hours completion time

Role Play optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • qualify and disqualify prospects using STAND

  • generate more opportunities from your meetings 




  • The Importance Of Developing A Common Language For Sales Discovery & Qualification

  • Balancing Listening & Talking

  • A Brief History Of Qualification Techniques

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Kevin Legg


Sales Qualification

  • The STAND Qualification Framework

  • Implementing STAND To Identify Customer Challenges

  • Exercise: Qualifying A Prospect

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Stephen Gonzalez


(Optional) Role Play

  • Question-Asking Role Play With SAGE Or A Role Play Actor

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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