Sales Lead Generation


From creating a database of relevant contacts to engaging prospects and building quality pipeline, the Sales Lead Generation Course teaches the best practices of identifying new potential customers, generating leads, and qualifying opportunities. 


By the end of this course, participants will be expected to be able to secure a meeting with (almost) anyone.



Learn from experts who used these tactics to grow their SE Asia revenue by $30 million.

Stephen Gonzalez

Former Senior Account Manager, Oracle

Stephen pioneered Oracle's enterprise license and cloud sales in five emerging markets in Southeast Asia - growing Oracle's client base in this region from 5 to over 100 customers in 4 years. Prior to this, Stephen was one of the top 5 SDRs for Oracle in Asia.

Kevin Legg

Former MD & Head of Sales (South Asia), GLG

Kevin was regional MD of GLG - the world's largest expert network. Over 13 years he used a combination of cold emails, cold calling, and other prospecting tactics to reach many of the world’s most prestigious organizations to grow a $25 million recurring revenue book, and multiple regional sales teams.



Sales Lead Generation Fundamentals

You can't sell if you don't have leads. Identifying new customers is essential to every sales organization. This module serves as an introduction to the course and gives a big-picture view of the importance of developing a sales lead generation strategy.


Kevin Legg & Stephen Gonzalez

Writing Cold Emails

Being able to craft an effective email is important to any business professional, but for a sales professional it can mark the difference between mediocrity and greatness. In this session, you’ll learn the psychology behind email content and subject lines, and we’ll help you develop a cold email template that will maximize your response rates.


Stephen Gonzalez

Using Linkedin Effectively

Linkedin has become a dominant force for professional networking, and should become an integral part of your lead generation strategy. Learn how to write an effective Connection Request and InMail template, and how to use lesser known features of the platform and 3rd party tools to increase your productivity and response rates when engaging prospects on Linkedin.


Stephen Gonzalez

Delivering Elevator Pitches

Conferences. Meetings. Phone Calls. Dinner with friends. We all have to explain ‘what we do’ a lot. Develop a tight, creative script for ‘what you do’, throw in a hook, and pack it into 15, 30, and 60 second clips for ready use. That's what we'll teach in this module.


Kevin Legg

Making Cold Calls

Despite the rise and popularity of social selling, cold calling is still the most effective form of generating new business leads. In this module, we’ll introduce the cold call flow and teach the techniques for getting through to your prospects, how to pitch your business, ask effective questions, qualify leads, handle objections on the fly and ultimately, set the next steps.


Stephen Gonzalez

Qualifying Leads

At the end of the day, your success won't be determined by your ability to book calls and meetings. In this module, we'll introduce one of the core concepts of sales - qualification. You'll learn how opportunities differ from leads, the most popular frameworks for qualifying a sales lead into an opportunity, and qualification questions the best sales professionals ask their prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.


Stephen Gonzalez

Role Play - Cold Calling

This role play will test your confidence and fluency in conducting a cold call to a prospect. In this 1-on-1 session, you will receive constructive feedback on all elements of your cold calling style.


Stephen Gonzalez

Role Play - Elevator Pitching

This role play will test the quality and delivery of your elevator pitch. We will focus on fine-tuning the pitch’s structure, length, and authenticity, and will coach all aspects of their presentation technique.


Kevin Legg

Group Workshop - Cold Email & InMail

This workshop will provide you with a hands-on opportunity to critique and optimize your Cold Email and Cold InMail templates during a facilitated group critique session.


Kevin Legg & Stephen Gonzalez

The benefits of learning sales lead generation with SAGE:

Apply This Knowledge Immediately.

Learn From The Experts.

Build Confidence.

Create great cold email templates, InMail templates, and cold call scripts for use in your business.

Learn to deliver a compelling elevator pitch.

Develop a lead generation strategy that delivers quantifiable results.

Benefit from 20+ combined years of selling in Southeast Asia to critique and polish your techniques and skills.


Low student-teacher ratio (6 to 1) and over 3 hours of dedicated 1-on-1 coaching means we will pursue excellence with every participant.

With our role play and rapid feedback cycles, participants leave even more confident and able to connect with (almost) anyone to generate more business.

Some additional course features:

  • Enrollment capped at 12 students


  • 6-1 studio-teacher ratio

  • 4+ hours of small group and 1-1 role play & coaching per student

  • Upon course completion, students will have created 2 cold email templates, 2 InMail templates, 1 cold call script, and an elevator pitch