Account Strategy

You want to grow your accounts with each client, but you can’t do all things for all clients all the time – choices have to be made.

This is the crux of strategy – finding the sensible course when there are unlimited opportunities but limited resources. Games, sports, and battles are the classic fields of strategy, but the rewards of a good strategy for account management are mutual success and prosperity.


Key topics include:

  • Account Segmentation

  • Understanding Strategy vs Tactics

  • Strategy, Tactics, and Resources Planning

  • Objective-setting

  • Teamwork on single accounts

The program includes:


Pre-work Curriculum

  • Preparatory coverage of core concepts (tactics, objectives, strategy, resources) prior to the workshop


Account Strategy Workshop

  • ½ session with the cohort, teaching account strategy scenarios and going through individual and group exercises to cement those concepts. We will then put participants to work as individuals to produce a list of priority accounts and a tactical battleplan for at least one account

  • ½ session of competitive strategy & tactics games to enhance the tactical playbook


1x1 Coaching on Account Tactics

  • SAGE will support individual professionals in 1x1 coaching sessions to track their progress toward their account goals, solve for account growth tactics, and develop their skills and mindset in tackling priority account growth goals


Senior Team Session

  • SAGE will facilitate tailored training for the senior team, focusing on the role of oversight, guidance and management of account strategies and tactics

In addition to the set program work, SAGE documents the results of the workshop and coaching, including account segmentation results and individual skill development, and delivers primary data to leadership.

We'll deliver in any format you need


On-site training is delivered with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Remote training is delivered live over Zoom with individual exercises and activities curated to increase engagement.


This program is available for on-demand licensing, which can be used to train new staff or as a reinforcement tool.

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