Our mission is to help companies create cultures of learning and continuous development in their organizations.

Our Work

Our customers range from Series B start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and include consultancies, caterers, recruiters, pest control firms, law firms, professional service firms, fund managers, and software companies. 

The SAGE Story

After 30 years of selling and leading sales teams, we noticed that as corporate buyers started behaving more like consumers, filtering out interruptive sales people and demanding more choice and less lock-in from their vendors, the way we trained our sales and account teams had failed to evolve with the time.

Not finding a program that was designed for a world where lead generation efforts are data-driven, where customer-facing teams are expected to develop expertise to be able to teach their customers, or where the concept of a one-time sale no longer exists, we decided to create our own.

Today, SAGE Training addresses every skill that a customer-facing professional needs to be able to find new opportunity, convert prospects into happy customers, and grow their customer relationships.

Our Team

We are a team of sales executives, educators, and entrepreneurs. Over the course of 30 years, we have generated more than $200 million in revenue for the companies we have worked for, and our experience spans nearly every country in Asia across an even broader range of industries.

Kevin Legg

I began my career convincing farm machinery dealers to teach 23 year old bankers about pricing backhoes. Since then, I have worked in 13 countries and sold over a thousand contracts to governments, investment firms, MNC corporations, SMEs and world’s leading industrial and tech companies. I've spent a decade and a half devoted to studying and teaching the practice and theory of sales craft, an honorable profession, and one of the few true liberal arts.

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Stephen Gonzalez

I started off my career at Oracle, making hundreds of cold calls a day to businesses across Southeast Asia, and was eventually promoted to manage 4 countries. Before I left to start SAGE, I was part of the top 1% of Oracle's sales team globally. My expertise lies in direct and indirect sales strategies, territory planning, lead generation techniques, and selling into Southeast Asian markets (I've sold to every country in Southeast Asia except East Timor).

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