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Frameworks Library

Direct Value Statement

The fastest, most efficient way to introduce yourself. 

Direct Value Illustration

A DVS made more specific! 

Minimum Viable Story

The 7 parts of basic dramatic structure translated into a way that helps sales, and business development people talk about their clients and how your clients found success by using your products or services. 

STAND Qualification

STAND is the ultimate framework to help B2B sales professionals qualify their prospects.


An extremely useful tool in planning your negotiations. 

SAGE Sales Cycle

A single unified view on what you're doing and how you are matriculating and tracking along each step of the sales process. 

CARGO Framework

5 Interrelated questions you need to answer to build a successful community.

TIME Framework

TIME is a simple framework that helps you make the most productive use of your time! 

Kronos & Kairos 

If you want to create presence and impact, you have to understand Kronos & Kairos. 

The 6 Why's Framework

A framework that will help give your Win/Loss analysis accuracy and transparency as to what's really going on in the sale. 

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