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Case Study

Singapore's fastest-growing caterer accelerates revenue growth by re-engaging their dormant customers

A leading Singaporean caterer was facing growing pains. Just months after tripling the size of the sales team, it was forecasting to miss the aggressive sales targets that had been set for the year. Working with the GM Catering, we designed an outbound sales strategy focused on identifying, re-engaging, and reactivating dormant customers. We then combined a rigorous training program with a new sales engagement platform to help the caterer better engage their customers while bringing the business back on-track to achieve its full-year sales target.

The Full Story

The Situation

A leading catering business, with hundreds of B2B clients, was forecasting to miss its aggressive sales target just 5 months into the year.

After growing their sales team from 3 to 10 reps following a Series B funding round 6 months prior, CatererCo’s* sales team was fully ramped but revenue wasn’t increasing proportionally. The sales team had traditionally relied on strong branding and clever marketing messaging to drive an overwhelming flow of inbound leads. While these inbound leads were keeping the new reps busy, it was becoming clear that the LTV of many of these new customers was too low to drive sustained revenue growth.

This trend was reflected in CatererCo’s slumping forecast. As pressure from investors intensified, the Catering GM needed to find a way to prioritize profitable clients without turning away new business.

Our Approach

Together with senior management, we created a pilot campaign to reactivate dormant customers using email sequencing and calling. The engagement involved four steps:

  • Perform an account segmentation exercise to divide all current customers into three tiers, based on their current and future growth potential.

  • Design an automated outbound prospecting campaign targeted at reactivating Tier 1 and 2 dormant customers.

  • Train the sales reps to create and deliver email and phone-based messaging tailored to this customer segment.

  • Coach the sales reps and manager throughout the execution of the campaign to refine their messaging and improve their qualification and objection handling technique.

The Results


Higher Sales: Catering sales immediately picked up. The sales team recorded consecutive record-breaking months for each of the 3 months immediately following the training. In that time frame, the caterer increased revenue by 20% and was back on-track to meet their full-year forecast.


Better Prioritization: By implementing a system for identifying profitable customers, the caterer was able to increase sales without adding headcount or further stretching a sales team that was already running at capacity.


Improved Sales Productivity: By automating most of the initial outreach, the sales team was able to book calls and meetings with dormant clients while still focusing on their day-to-day work.

*We take our client’s confidentiality seriously. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.

This was one of the most outstanding sales teams we've ever worked with. Starting with the Catering GM, who we worked most closely with, the entire team brought a great attitude, a relentless work ethic, and desire for get better at their craft with them to the office every single day. This team truly is special.

- Stephen Gonzalez, SAGE VP & Engagement Lead

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