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Event Hosting

Your business prides itself on organizing events to delight your customers, and all successful events start with the host. This course will teach participants how a great event host prepares for, executes, and evaluates successful live and virtual events.


Participants will leave this course prepared to host events with professionalism, confidence, and thoughtfulness. They will also understand how to give and receive feedback on their, and their colleagues’ performance as event hosts.


Live training format

4 lessons


1.5 - 2 Day completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • research and create quality host content

  • prepare the event location with attention to detail

  • eliminate the fear and manage the stress of hosting an event




  • What are Mechanics?

  • The Event Host's Checklist

  • How to score Mechanics

  • Event Mechanics Exam

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Kevin Legg



  • What is Style?

  • How to score Style

  • Exercise: Delivering a Commencement Address + Self-Introduction + Speaker Introduction + Topic Introduction + Outro

  • Assignment: Delivering an Event Introduction + Outro

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Kevin Legg



  • What is Content?

  • How to research your topic/audience & prepare primer questions

  • How to write effective introductions

  • How to write effective outros

  • Assignment: Write an Introduction, Outro, and prepare 3 Primer Questions

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Kevin Legg


Leading An Event

  • Exam: Event Host Simulated Delivery + Live Peer Feedback

  • (Optional) Earn bronze, silver, and gold Event Host Medals by hosting a pre-defined number of events with a minimum overall feedback score.

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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