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Development Modules for
Professional Services Firms.

What are you teaching? What are you learning

World class modules will keep your edge sharp.

How to talk
about your 

Account Tactics

Account Segmentation

Pitching Fundamentals

Advanced Pitching

Elevator Pitching

Qualifying Business Opportunities

Account Renewals

Difficult Conversations

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Setting the Right Objectives

The Art of Referrals

Deliberate Practice

Leading vs Managing

Follow-up Processes & Techniques


Building Reliability, Credibility & Trust

Proposal Writing


Workplace Communications

Warm Email Writing

Intel Gathering

Talk to Me: Interviewing

Business Ethics

SAGE Meeting Notes

Curiosity & Creativity in the Workplace


Philosophy of the Workplace

Friendship in the Workplace

Rejections, Objections & Feeling Dejections

Friendly Formats


Delivered in your workplace with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Delivered in private or public venues away from your workplace,


Delivered online and asynchronously. 

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