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Giving & Receiving Feedback

Have you ever felt uncomfortable waiting to give feedback to an employee? How about receiving feedback from a superior? Many of us dread the moment we have to give feedback to or receive feedback from a peer or boss, and yet objective feedback is an essential part of professional growth and organizational success. 


In this course, participants will learn how to give and receive feedback in an objective, goal-oriented way that builds individual confidence and promotes a growth mindset to drive improved business outcomes.


Live or Virtual training format

3 lessons

1.5 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • explain what feedback is and is not

  • deliver and receive feedback in a structured way that builds confidence and promotes professional growth




  • What is feedback?

  • Why do we give feedback?

  • Practice: Identify Feedback

Colin Emerson.jpg

Colin Emerson


Delivering Feedback

  • Setting the stage for giving feedback

  • The Facts-Commentary-Impact (FCI) model for structuring feedback

  • Practice: Delivering FCI Feedback

Colin Emerson.jpg

Colin Emerson


Receiving Feedback

  • Preparing to receive feedback

  • The Listen-Question-Reflect (LQR) model for receiving feedback

  • Practice: Receiving Feedback

Colin Emerson.jpg

Colin Emerson

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