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Management Skills For New Managers

Think of the leaders you most admire. They seem to easily juggle competing demands, confidently motivate their teams to achieve optimum results, effectively navigate across the organization, and never lose their composure. These executives make the job look simple – but, especially for those making their transition from individual contributor to new manager, it's not. 


Through relevant readings, case discussions, and introspective exercises, you will gain a broader and deeper understanding of organizational culture and dynamics, management best practices, the role of the manager, and the nature of influence. As you explore your own personality, strengths, and weaknesses, you will begin to evolve a leadership style that is uniquely yours. 


Live training format

4 lessons

1 Day completion time

Role Play optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • transition from being a team member into a team leader 

  • tailor your management approach for each individual member in your team 

  • boost your team's performance through effective leadership 



Stepping Into Management

  • Your Role As A Manager 

  • 6 Human-Centered Management Habits 

  • The Critical Gap Between Managers & Leaders 

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Kevin Legg


Management Fundamentals

  • Handling Difficult Conversations 

  • Discipline Issues 

  • Providing Individual Feedback 

  • Delegation & Resource Allocation 

  • Managing Upward 

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Kevin Legg


Running A High-Performing Team

  • Mastering The 1-on-1 Meeting 

  • Setting SMART Goals & KPIs 

  • Tailoring Your Management Approach To Your Team Members 

  • Career Mapping & Succession Planning 

  • Exercise: The Manager's Map 

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Kevin Legg


Becoming A Leader

  • Engaging & Motivating Your Team 

  • Earning Your Team's Respect 

  • Developing Coaching Skills 

  • Strategy Planning 

  • Exercise: Strategy Planning 

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Kevin Legg


(Optional) Role Play

  • Handling Difficult Conversations 

  • Leading An Effective 1-on-1 

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback 

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Kevin Legg

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