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Opening & Closing Meetings

Meetings are the essence of business, so levelling up in this area means levelling up across your practice as a professional.

This course teaches how to prevent agenda-creep, surprise agendas, go-nowhere meetings, and running out of time.


You’re probably opening and closing your client meetings the wrong way. It’s not because you aren’t charming or organised or any number of other lovely things, but it’s because the typical business meeting is a dense, complex, multi-faceted activity, and an ideal opening or closing has to be well-timed, on-tone, friendly and effective and that’s almost impossible without a reliable practiced approach.

The program includes:


Pre-work Curriculum

  • Preparatory coverage of core concepts (time, agendas, client inclusion, tone) prior to the workshop


Live Meeting Studio Sessions

  • 3-5 rounds in a small group format

  • Blended scenarios with colleagues and SAGE faculty


Whole-Team Advisory Brief

  • Data and anecdotes from Live Meeting Studio Sessions

  • Advice and direction on meeting management from the SAGE faculty

We'll deliver in any format you need


On-site training is delivered with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Remote training is delivered live over Zoom with individual exercises and activities curated to increase engagement.


This program is available for on-demand licensing, which can be used to train new staff or as a reinforcement tool.

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Ready to have a well-run and professional opening and closing meeting?​

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