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Qualifying Prospects

The typical salesperson knows that they aren't going to sell to every lead on their leads list.

And the reason isn't that they're not doing a good job. Instead, it's because not all lead lists have quality leads. Some leads are never going to be particularly profitable. So how are they going to decide which leads are worth their time and effort and which ones are not?


Although the idea of qualification in sales has been around for more than 30 years, there was a lot of room for creativity in the following decades. The SAGE qualification framework addresses three under-served problems that salespeople face:

  • The creation of budget

  • The important concept of alternatives

  • The complexity of client motivations

The program includes:


Pre-work Curriculum

  • Preparatory coverage of core concepts (Spend, Timelines, Alternatives, Need, Decision Making) prior to the workshop


Live Workshop Sessions

  • Guided qualification work on real prospects in a small group format

  • Blended scenarios with colleagues and SAGE faculty


1x1 Coaching on Account Tactics

  • Data and anecdotes from Live Workshop Sessions

  • Advice and direction on qualification from SAGE faculty

We'll deliver in any format you need


On-site training is delivered with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Remote training is delivered live over Zoom with individual exercises and activities curated to increase engagement.


This program is available for on-demand licensing, which can be used to train new staff or as a reinforcement tool.

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