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SAGE Meeting Notes

The lecture notes that worked for the classroom don’t work in the office. Neither do the mind maps of creative desktop work or the page notes for the book study. Client meetings are an entirely different milieu and require a note-taking approach.

SAGE Meeting Notes are a sensible, straightforward way of capturing what takes place in a client meeting so that you can:

  • Set next steps with clients clearly

  • Review your own and others’ performance

  • Retain all major information for posterity

The program includes:


Pre-work Curriculum

  • Preparatory coverage of core concepts prior to the workshop


Live Workshop Sessions

  • Live note-taking studio time

  • Critique and guidance on note-taking speed and accuracy



  • Support to produce SAGE notes for multiple meetings

  • Incorporation into CRMs and other systems

We'll deliver in any format you need


On-site training is delivered with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Remote training is delivered live over Zoom with individual exercises and activities curated to increase engagement.


This program is available for on-demand licensing, which can be used to train new staff or as a reinforcement tool.

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SAGE Introduction (Short)
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Ready to learn the SAGE Meeting Notes approach that works?

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