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The SAGE Note-Taking System

You’re going to forget 40% of what was said in your meeting after 20 minutes, and 98% after just one month. Even though most professionals diligently try to take notes in meetings, they struggle to multi-task note-taking with active participation and often get back to the office with notes that aren’t clear, miss key details, and aren’t easily referenced in the future. 


In this course, participants will learn the SAGE Note-Taking System for capturing information in a business meeting, and will leave with an understanding of how to incorporate this system into their daily work.


Live or Virtual training format

3 lessons

2 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • take clearer notes

  • take notes faster

  • better recall information shared in meetings

  • manage your meeting follow-up more efficiently and impactfully



The SAGE System

  • Header

  • Commentary

  • Content

  • To Do

  • Action Items

  • Exercise: Note-taking in a virtual meeting

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Kevin Legg


Note-Taking Best Practices

  • What to write down

  • Abbreviation techniques

  • Using notes for self-improvement and team feedback

  • Processing your notes

  • Exercise: Note-taking in a live, simulated meeting

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Kevin Legg


Assignments & Follow-Up

  • Meeting notes submission

  • Feedback and reflection on the note-taking system

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Kevin Legg

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