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Telling a Client Story

Your pitch is less effective than your story. Clients and prospects want to understand what you do, whom you do it for, and how it benefits them, but most pitches fail this fundamental criterion.

That's why we created 'Telling a Client Story' to help your audience feel more connected to your business.  


Every professional needs to have at least 5 very short (under 2 minutes) stories that explain who uses their services and why. The professional who can master these can side-step pitching altogether.


In this program, we teach professionals how to talk about their firm and their work, in short, effective stories.

The program includes:


Pre-work Curriculum

  • Preparatory coverage of core concepts (Story structure, character and setting, conflict, resolution, outcome, impact) prior to the workshop


Role Play Studio

  • Scenario-based role play for story delivery

  • SAGE faculty coaching on style, tone, and content


Story Library

  • Story library including best-of stories that the organisation can use to describe and communicate their business value

  • Notes and guidance on building up and improving the story library

We'll deliver in any format you need


On-site training is delivered with small group exercises and a  number of customized hands-on activities.


Remote training is delivered live over Zoom with individual exercises and activities curated to increase engagement.


This program is available for on-demand licensing, which can be used to train new staff or as a reinforcement tool.

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Ready to tell a story that reflects the value of your offer?

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