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Train The Trainer

Do you need to create or deliver training sessions for your staff? Do you want to incorporate training into your meetings or other team events? Sooner or later it'll be time to share what you’ve learned, but sharing your knowledge without appropriate structure or technique can be a risky endeavor. Hours are often wasted preparing ineffective training content, and far too many trainings end in boredom and without any retention of the concepts being taught. 


In this hands-on program, you will learn how to plan, prepare, and deliver training sessions that your learners will remember far after it's over. 


Live training format

5 lessons

1 Day completion time

Instructor-Led Workshop optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • choose and develop a topic for teaching 

  • create an engaging and informative learning experience 

  • deliver your training effectively and on-time 



Planning Your Training

  • Defining Your Purpose 

  • Pre-Training Evaluation 

  • Topic Selection & Scoping 

  • Understanding Your Target Audience 

  • Setting SMART Training Objectives 

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Kevin Legg


Organizing Your Ideas

  • The Creative Process: Brainstorming, Note-Taking & Researching 

  • Validating Your Ideas 

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Kevin Legg


Creating Your Content

  • Structure: The Pyramid Principle, Rule Of 3s 

  • Defining Your Training Format 

  • Presentation Visuals: Formatting Best Practices 

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Kevin Legg


Engaging Your Audience

  • Using Personal Stories, Examples & Case Studies 

  • Incorporating Games, Exercises, Videos & Quizzes  

  • Ice-Breakers & Grouping 

  • Tactics To Increase Audience Participation 

  • Giving Constructive Feedback 

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Kevin Legg


Bringing It All Together

  • Making Final Edits 

  • Writing Trainer's Notes 

  • Time Management 

  • Rehearsal Tactics 

  • Post-Training Evaluation 

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Kevin Legg


(Optional) Instructor-Led Workshop

  • Develop & Deliver Your Own Training 

  • 1-on-1 Review & Feedback With Instructor 

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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