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Advanced Negotiation Skills

You're ready to transition from a capable dealmaker to a master negotiator and learn how to build value for your organization. Going beyond basic negotiation tactics, this module delves into strategic thinking, advanced communication tactics, and complex negotiation planning. You’ll learn how to drive success as a negotiator, whether you’re inking a high-stakes deal for your company or engaging in multiparty negotiations. 
This fast-paced learning experience includes negotiation exercises and discussion of challenges you may face at the bargaining table. You will develop more sophisticated negotiating skills, learn how to avoid common dealmaking pitfalls, and emerge prepared to conduct a wider range of complex negotiations with confidence. 


Live training format

3 lessons

1 Day completion time

Role Play optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • overcome tactics used by opposing negotiators

  • improve negotiating outcomes by involving multiple parties, issues, and agendas

  • negotiate across international or cultural boundaries



Orchestrating The Negotiation Process

  • Planning Multi-Stakeholder Negotiations

  • Managing Your Negotiating Team To Gather Constituent Support

  • Exercise: Planning An International Negotiation

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Kevin Legg


Advanced Negotiation Tactics

  • Overcoming Power Asymmetry

  • Dealing With Irrational People & Challenging Personalities

  • Engaging Unwilling Parties

  • Deciding When To Present Options & Sequence Deals

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Kevin Legg


Group Exercise

  • Case Study: Leading A Complex Negotiation

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg


(Optional) Role Play

  • Power Asymmetry

  • Dealing With Irrational People & Challenging Personalities

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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