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Cold Email Writing

The ability to craft an effective email is important to any business professional, but for a sales professional it can mark the difference between mediocrity and greatness.


In this course, participants will learn the psychology behind email content and subject lines, and will develop a cold email template that will maximize your response rates. 


Live training format

3 lessons


2 Hours completion time

Individual Coaching included

Email Sequencing optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • craft a subject line that achieves >70% open rates 

  • write a clear and compelling cold email in 150 words or less 

  • achieve a minimum of 10% reply rates from your email outreach



Email Writing Principles

  • Email Length and Readability 

  • Utility vs. Curiosity Subject Lines 

  • Copywriting Best Practices 

  • Email Signatures 

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Stephen Gonzalez


The Structure Of A Cold Email

  • Introduction Paragraph 

  • Value Statement Paragraph 

  • Call-To-Action Paragraph 

  • Using Post-Script For Rapport Building 

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Stephen Gonzalez


Individual Coaching

  • Write Your Own Cold Email 

  • Email Editing and Feedback Workshop 

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg


(Optional) Email Sequencing

  • Email Sequencing Theory 

  • The Reminder Email 

  • The Break-Up Email 

  • Ideas For Mid-Sequence Emails 

  • Formatting For Sales Automation Software 

  • Optimizing Time Delays Between Steps 

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Stephen Gonzalez

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