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Client Stories

You need colorful, punchy examples and product use-cases to capture your customer’s imagination.

In this module, participants will create a Client Story using the SAGE Client Story Framework, and will practice refining both their script and delivery in a series of rapid peer-review cycles. They will then present their Client Story to their peers and facilitator for final feedback on content and delivery style.


Live training format

4 lessons


2 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • clearly communicate customer examples and product use-cases

  • confidently deliver your examples by applying the SAGE Client Story Framework



The SAGE Client Story Framework

  • The importance of examples and use-cases

  • How to distinguish a good story from a bad story

  • The SAGE Examples Framework: Scenario, Characters, Problem, Solutions, Outcome

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Kevin Legg


Scripting Your Story

  • Writing your own example or use-case script using the SAGE Client Story Framework

  • Initial script delivery and feedback

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Kevin Legg


Peer Review & Iteration

  • 2-3 cycles of one-on-one delivery, peer review and script editing

  • One-on-one review and feedback with instructor

  • Group-wide presentation of example/use-case script

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Kevin Legg


Assignments & Follow-Up

  • Final Client Story video submission

  • Feedback scorecard and notes provided by instructor

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Kevin Legg

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