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Follow-Up Communication

"Why haven't they gotten back to me yet?" "They must have gone with someone else" "I'll give them a few more days" "They're probably busy now". Sound familiar? Whether they like it or not, sales professionals have to follow-up on  everything from missed cold calls to dead proposals, and 'follow-up avoidance' is a real mental barrier that can grind a Rep's productivity to a halt. 

In this module, we address the mental stigma of following-up head-on. Participants will understand the psychology behind 'follow-up avoidance', learn the SAGE Follow-up Framework, and create and take ownership over their own personal follow-up guide. We will also introduce best practices for following-up and apply those concepts to a number challenging sales scenarios.   


Live training format

4 lessons


2 Hours completion time

Role Play optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • eliminate the fear and stigma of following up with prospects 

  • create your own follow-up guide using the SAGE Follow-up Framework




  • The importance of following-up 

  • Understanding and eliminating the fear of rejection 

  • Making follow-up part of your daily routine

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Kevin Legg


The SAGE Follow-Up Framework

  • Obtaining up-front agreement 

  • TRC: Timing, Reasons, Channels 

  • Exercise: Create your own personal Follow-up Guideline 

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Kevin Legg


Follow-Up Best Practices

  • Avoiding 4 key follow-up mistakes 

  • Strategies for 3 common scenarios: “The Ghost”, “The Impatient Prospect”, “The Deflector” 

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Kevin Legg


(Optional) Role Play

  • Communicating the business case for your Customer Road-Map  

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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