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Negotiation & Closing

Account Management

Leading Sales Meetings

Too many sales meetings do more harm to a business’s brand than good because the professionals in attendance either aren’t prepared, aren’t synchronized, or simply don’t know how to lead a professional business meeting.


Participants will learn how to prepare for, conduct, and review a sales meeting, and will leave with a playbook to incorporate these practices into their own careers.


Live training format

4 lessons


3 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • prepare yourself and your team for sales meetings

  • incorporate customer-centric best practices to conducting your meetings

  • incrementally improve your performance by learning how to give and receive meeting feedback with your colleagues


The Pre-Meeting Prep

  • Preparing Yourself

  • Preparing Your Team

  • Setting SMART Meeting Objectives


Kevin Legg

Conducting The Meeting

  • Opening The Meeting

  • Redirecting & Resetting

  • Closing The Meeting


Kevin Legg

Taking Meeting Notes

  • Note-Taking Etiquette

  • How To Take Notes

  • Knowledge Capture


Kevin Legg

Post-Meeting Debrief

  • The Importance Of Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • MechanicsStyle, Content Feedback Framework


Kevin Legg