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Objection Handling

How well you handle objections will make (or break) your career in sales.  It's the one skill that transcends every stage in the sales cycle and for that reason, it is the single-most important selling skill you can develop. 


In this module, participants will learn how to overcome the objections they will face throughout the sales cycle. We'll reinforce the concepts learned by practicing handling objections common to every business, and will finish by defining a recommended ‘gold standard’ for overcoming objections specific to your business. 


Live training format

3 lessons


2 Hours completion time

Role Play optional add-on

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • identify the root cause of your prospect's objections 

  • respond to common objections confidently and credibly 

  • ask follow-up questions that will help you progress your deal to the next stage 



How To Handle Objections

  • Echoing statements 

  • Using Directional Questions to identify the root cause of the objection 

  • Responding to the objection 

  • The follow-up question 

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Stephen Gonzalez


Responding To Common Objections

  • "Your price is too high" 

  • "It's not the right time" 

  • "No budget" 

  • "We already work with a competitor" 

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Stephen Gonzalez


(Optional) Role Play

  • 'Objection Poker' Game

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Stephen Gonzalez & Kevin Legg

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