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Account Management

Subscription Renewals

How can we ask our customers for more money when they renew their subscription? How can we save a customer who has decreased their usage?  

New sales don’t mean anything if you can’t retain your existing customers. New sales can mean serious growth if you’re also able to consistently grow revenue from your existing customers.  

As business models have shifted from product-based to subscription-based, account management skill has significantly risen in prominence and value to organizations. Yet many companies don’t have a defined framework for preparing and completing successful subscription renewals. As a result, they allow their hard-won customers to drift from them, losing the value of their input and ideas, losing the chance to deepen their relationships, and exposing them to competitive alternatives.    

In this module, we focus exclusively on the subscription renewal as a sales discipline. Participants will learn why developing a customer-based communication strategy leading up to the renewal date will significantly reduce churn, and how to use their account data to create a customer story and road-map that will help them win massive upgrades with their customers for years to come.  


Live training format

3 lessons

4 Hours completion time

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • develop a system for planning your subscription renewals 

  • evaluate the health of your accounts & their churn risk 

  • create renewal stories that will help you renew customers on your terms 



Renewal Planning

  • The Renewal Timeline  

  • Setting SMART Renewal Objectives 

  • Collecting & Organizing Account Data  

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Stephen Gonzalez


The Renewal Story

  • Analyzing Account Activity & Evaluating Account Health  

  • Assessing The Client’s Value Proposition

  • Preparing Your Business Case & Anticipating Objections  

  • The 3 Types Of Renewal Stories   

  • Activity: Creating Your Renewal Story  

  • How To Discuss Money, Terms, Contracts & Restrictions  

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Kevin Legg


Developing A Communication Strategy

  • Sequencing Your Pre-Renewal Communication  

  • Activity: Planning Your Pre-Renewal Sequence   

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Kevin Legg

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