How To Manage Millennials: I Sat Down With Best-Selling Author Bruce Tulgan

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I sat down for 25 minutes with Bruce Tulgan - a great teacher, author and leading researcher of management practices for the Millennials (Generations Y & Z). The main topic of discussion was how managers can apply the themes of his book 'Not Everyone Gets A Trophy: How To Manage The Millennials'.

It's not surprising that Bruce is full of great soundbites. Here are our three favorite quotes from the chat:

  • “When managers get back to fundamentals, everything gets better”

  • “Get over [your] false thinking that the way to empower people is to leave them alone…the way to be fair to people is to treat everybody exactly the same”

  • “[Millennials] are much more likely to do the grunt work if they have someone explaining to them “here’s what you’re doing…””

Interested in learning from Bruce Tulgan?

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