LinkedIn Industries List & Rankings (2020)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

How long ago did you create your LinkedIn profile? For most of us, it's been years (or even decades) and we've long-since forgotten what it felt like to log on to the network for the first time. But that day, every one of us was required to declare which of LinkedIn's 147 industry codes best categorized our professional activity.

The codes have evolved over the years and different industries have risen and fallen in popularity, but the fact that LinkedIn tracks this information - and allows us to search for other profiles by industry - makes it the single most important search filter on the platform. Whether you're looking for sales leads, a target audience to market to, candidates for a job opening, or just browsing profiles - it is nearly impossible to understate the value of being able to sort through the world of professionals by their industry.

In this post, we'll zoom into the market share of the top 10 industries on LinkedIn and then we'll share the full list of LinkedIn's 147 industries (sorted from largest to smallest).

The Top 10 Industries on LinkedIn

As of 2020, LinkedIn has over 448 million individual accounts with the top 10 industries comprising 28% of all profiles on the network. Those industries are:

  1. Information Technology & Services

  2. Hospital & Health Care

  3. Construction

  4. Retail

  5. Education Management

  6. Financial Services

  7. Accounting

  8. Computer Software

  9. Automotive

  10. Marketing & Advertising

Looking even closer, you'll see that the top 25 industries account for over 50% of all profiles. Here's how the entire network breaks down visually:

The Top 10 LinkedIn Industries (2020)

Source: SAGE

LinkedIn Industries List

Here's the list of all LinkedIn industries ranked from largest to smallest:

How Can You Use This Information To Grow Your Business?

If you're trying to develop a sales or marketing prospecting campaign targeting specific LinkedIn industries but you're not sure how to get started or just need help optimizing your campaign, check out our Data-Driven Prospecting course or get in touch to see how we can help you use LinkedIn industries to generate more leads for your business!